Spend two hours focusing on you – no distractions, no pressure, no judgment

Sessions are limited to 10 attendees to allow plenty of time to focus on your individual needs

The workshops focus on issues that might be holding you or your business back – limiting beliefs, fear, procrastination, lack of time, low self-confidence, overwhelm; and together we work to solve them so you can live the life you dream about.

Realise Your Dreams in 2019

Dedicate the New Year to materialising the New You!

This is the year to get clear about what you truly want, find your mojo and celebrate success!


5th Feb – Time Management & Focus

5th Mar – Happiness

2nd Apr – Spring Clean Your Life

7th May – Boundaries

4th Jun – Values – Understanding Yourself

2nd Jul – Pushing Through Fear

Aug – The Art of Saying No

3rd Sep – Overwhelm

1st Oct – Health & Wellbeing

5th Nov – Work-Life Balance

4th Dec – Forgiveness

Join me once a month in person, in Leeds, from 10am-12pm for a variety of workshops that will help you to create the life you want. If you need help building your confidence, setting achievable goals or embracing your identity, then these two-hour workshops are right for you.

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