People behave in different ways. Some people are confident and outgoing whilst others are reserved and thoughtful. Some people are creative, always coming up with new ideas, whilst others have the focus to develop the processes that bring ideas to life.


DISC is a personality profiling system that helps us to better understand our behaviours. The DISC profiling system groups together behavioural characteristics in to four personality styles.  Although each of us may display all of these behaviours we often display them in varying degrees. A DISC profile will help you recognise which personality style best describes you.

DISC is an acronym for the four personality groups which are represented by the letters:




People with ‘D’ personalities are assertive, driven and self-confident. They may be forceful and direct because they are focussed on getting immediate results.


The ‘I’ style of people are enthusiastic, talkative and optimistic. They are friendly and make great communicators but can sometimes be impulsive and disorganised.


‘S’ style people are good listeners and make great team players. They are practical and have a calm approach but may be over-accommodating or indecisive.


Those who fit into the ‘C’ style are reserved, precise and cautious. They like to analyse things carefully but often overthink things and can be overly critical.


As a coach, understanding your personality type allows me to get the best from our coaching sessions. By completing a DISC profile I can adapt my coaching style to fit to you. It also allows me to better understand your developmental areas and the most effective way for you to learn and grow.

Having the ability to recognise your behaviours gives you a better sense of self-awareness and is vital for improving the way you communicate. Understanding which group you fit into can help identify your strengths, weaknesses and the most effective ways to interact with other personality styles.


Are you often frustrated by other people’s behaviour towards you? Have you found yourself in regular conflict with a family member or partner? Do you struggle to get your point across? Do you lack confidence in group situations?

DISC profiling allows you to become more self-aware. You will recognise behaviours that may be counterproductive and will be able to use your knowledge to improve communication. You will identify the behaviours which are causing conflict and learn ways to overcome them.

Understanding your personality will help you to seek out the learning opportunities that suit you best and develop the ability to communicate effectively with different kinds of people.


DISC profiling is becoming increasingly popular within business environments. Each personality style can contribute significantly to a business when managed in the right way. DISC profiling can help team members understand their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to adapt their behaviours to effectively communicate with others in the team

No matter how large or small your business, understanding your own personality and behaviours is beneficial. By understanding how you learn, how you communicate and how you are perceived by others, you will be more self-aware.

You will recognise the behaviours in suppliers, clients and colleagues that either conflict or complement your own personality style. This will allow you to adapt to them in order to build better rapport and form stronger relationships.


I have been fully trained to carry out full DISC assessments and understand the results. Once you have completed the assessment I can explain the outcome and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will also understand the best learning styles for you and be able to help you develop your communication skills.

A full DISC personality profiling assessment is a fantastic tool for better self-awareness and provides the foundations for you to grow. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits, or complete your DISC personality profiling assessment, then contact me today to get started.