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Claire Buck – Award Winning Business & Executive Coach and Mentor

Hi, I’m Claire…

For the last five years I’ve worked with hundreds of Business Founders, CEO’s and Executives to build high performing emotionally intelligent environments, whilst keeping a person-centred individual approach. Working with clients to empower them to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems, using my transformational system for both their business and personal lives.

Having successfully grown a large chain of retail outlets, employing over 500 people with a turnover of £25 million and all the while juggling a large family gave me a unique insight into understanding the complex needs of my clients. 

So now I specialise in working with SMEs and Business Executives, personal and business growth either on a 1-2-1 basis or small intimate groups.

Claire Buck Mentoring

What I Do and Why 

Have you grown your business from grass roots up? If you’re serious about growing and scaling your business, feeling like time is passing by without you making any real progress, or maybe you’re tired of doing everything yourself?

Then I have good news as that is exactly where I come in, I’ve been there and done that and it’s a hellish lonely place to be.  That’s exactly why I started Claire Buck Mentoring and Coaching, to help business owners like you overcome that horrible feeling of being stuck and not knowing where to turn.

If you’re ready to grow your business, vague haphazard ideas won’t get you very close to your goals.  You need to strategise for growth in a systematic way.  Getting to the heart of your ‘why’ for the business and what the aims are for your growth strategy, you’ll know exactly where your business is headed, bring your team into alignment and know how to get there.

My number one goal is to ensure my clients get the results they want.

So, How Do I Do It? 

Claire Buck Coaching

Bespoke 1-2-1 Person Centred Mentoring Programme

Taking a fresh look at where you are now within the realms of both your business and personal life. Getting to the heart of your ‘vision for success’ by unlocking your true potential, tapping into your mindset and bringing together all of my top resources to mentor you into achieving a happy, fulfilled life and enjoying the business success that you deserve.


Business Mastery Roadmap

Business Mastery – Your Roadmap to Growth, Alignment & Success

Given the top challenges facing SME’s, businesses need their leaders, managers and people aligned and working together at the highest levels of performance. I take a look at your business top down and bottom up and together we decide where the gaps are, and then get to work with my transformational ‘business mastery’ programme.

Claire Buck Mentor & Coach Formula

 What Clients Say About Working With Me 

Peter Marsh

My business had been trading for many years, but its growth had plateaued. I did not feel I had the right mindset and even the ability to do what was required to develop the business.

I was frustrated with myself and I frequently felt as if it were impossible to see the business grow in the direction that I had wanted it to. These pains impacted my business because I didn’t feel I could be the leader the business needed. This affected my personal life because I often brought my frustrations home. It was costing me my happiness and a sense of achievement and purpose to my life.

We’ve also worked more practically on the business; Claire has both challenged and supported my thinking to help me move my business in the direction it needs to go in order to grow. What’s changed is that I feel more confident in my abilities to lead. I feel more authentic in what I’m doing, and this has had a significant effect, both in my business, and in my personal live.

Peter Marsh
Synergistic Concepts Lmited

Jonathan Winston

I have really enjoyed working with Claire at a business and personal level.

Claire really can provide both, which is exactly what an owner managed business requires. She has helped my management teamwork more productively together, by providing a better insight into why we work in the way we do.

Enabling us to improve communication, so creating more informed collective solutions. At a personal level, she has also helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, to better enable me to drive the business forward.

I wholeheartedly recommend Claire, who brings with her, business nous, personal sensitivity and a vast knowledge of industry leading techniques to improve your personal and business performance.

Jonathan Winston
Owner & Managing Partner, Winston Solicitors LLP

Claire Buck Coaching

GRG Recruitment selected Claire and Claire Buck Coaching because she’s proven.
Unlike many coaches, Claire has actually grown and ran a successful £multi-million retailer. This credibility is what sets her apart. Her approach is knowledgeable, supportive, thought-provoking and real-life. Her honesty and insight are of a different level in helping identify and action our true potential, both personally and commercially.
We were thoroughly impressed by the sessions undertaken, would instantly recommend her to others, and will continue to use Claire and Claire Buck Coaching in the future.

Director, GRG Recruitment Ltd –“Specialists in FMCG & Retailing”

Claire Buck Coaching

I have been working with Claire now for almost two years and quite simply she is brilliant!

The skills and support she has given me have aided me to be a better leader in business and has also reflected positively into my personal life.

Claire can find the logic to any situation and offers advice and solutions to all problems.

As a creative, getting things out of my head can sometimes be difficult but she is one of the few people who can! She has excellent listening skills and is a natural at putting you at ease within the sessions.

She has enabled me personally to reach goals I thought were unachievable and has been key to aiding me to become the confident business woman I am today.

I can not recommend Claire enough. The benefits on the company are endless and the results from using her services are proven, with the rapid growth of the business which has flourished within the short space of time we have been working with Claire.

Natalie Dawson
Creative Director , Talent Artistic Group (TAG)

What was going on before we started working together?

 I had a relatively successful business, but I was enjoying it. I was also faced with various Operational Challenges thatwere causing a lot of stress and were making me feel unhappy.

What were your pains and the impact of those pains to yourself and the business and at what costs?

At the time of meeting Claire, I was suffering with stress and sleepless nights.

What steps you have gone through since working with me – high level steps?

I have basically gone through a complete re-structuring of my Ops department, not a single member of the team thatwere letting me down, remains. We have achieved this with as little disruption as possible. Claire also introduced to me to a first class Head-hunter, who found me a first class Ops Director, we now have a slick Ops department that I can be proud of. I have also learnt better coping mechanisms for when things aren’t going well, to focus on the things I can impact and ignore the things that I can’t.

How are you feeling now e., stuck vs unstuck? I am still not where I want to be, but I don’t think I ever will (that’s just my nature) but I’m enjoying work again and I’m very excited about the future of my company. Defiantly Unstuck!

What’s changed or is changing as a result? I feel happier, on top of things, optimistic about the future, less stressed and sleep well. The company and I would defiantly not be in as strong a position as we are now, without Claire’s help and support.

Max Fenner

 Useful Resources 

Business Mastery Roadmap

Business Mastery Roadmap

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Claire Buck Coaching

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Claire Buck
Award Winning Business & Executive Coach and Mentor

Helping Ambitious Business Owners Create a Powerful Platform for Growth, Alignment and Success