Are you feeling overwhelmed and isolated by the pressures of running a business?

Do you want to scale your business but are struggling to find the time to focus on profitable solutions?

Are you wanting to maximise your revenue streams?

Do you need to re-energise your workforce and inspire your teams?

8 out of 10 business fail in their first year. 50% after 5.

Creating and implementing Growth Strategies in Business’ is what I have been doing successfully for the past 30 years.


My husband and I  have successfully grown a chain of over 60 retail outlets, that has a strong e-commerce and wholesale operation, employing over 500 people and a turnover in excess of £20 million all whilst juggling a growing family.

In 2014 I took a step back from the business. After taking many phone calls from business owners wanting my advice, I realised I had a natural talent for supporting people to take their business to the next level.

Whether it was personal or professional, I soon realised that Mindset, Strategy and informed Action with measured steps were the key ingredients to drive business growth.

That’s when Claire Buck – Business Growth Specialists came to fruition.

If you want a new perspective on any aspect of your life or business then let me help.
We’ll work together to draw out your strengths, create a mindset for growth whilst developing robust strategies, overcome obstacles and create new ways of thinking; to take you and your business to the next level.


Delivering a great service is the key thing in any business relationship. Here at ABIS Ltd, it is what we pride ourselves in. In fact it is probably why clients keep on coming back.

Having spent time with you over the last 12 months I am well positioned to tell the world about how fantastic you are. The quality of the coaching bearing in mind the considerable complexities of the subject matter, has been impeccable.

This has now become the norm and what I can happily expect from you and your company.

Keep up this amazing work ethic and here at ABIS Ltd we will continue to take great delight in highly recommending Claire Buck Coaching to all our clients and wider contacts.

Andrew Bull  |  Director, ABIS

Claire has been a true guiding light in her coaching work with me. Her empathic, but focused approach has enabled me to drive forward in my business with a pace and clarity I would not have had, were it not for Claire’s support.

Claire is my biggest advocate and this has been a huge factor in helping me to find confidence and determination to succeed. I would recommend Claire to anyone who wishes to find and utilise their true potential.

Adrian Wales  |  Director, LPD Associates LTD

I would like to express my deepest thanks for the time and skills you put into giving an aching, creative brain some much needed direction and focus. In my industry, and specifically my skill-set, one can often be forgiven for being a little out in left field, a tad off-the-cuff or even as dog chasing its tail. This is where I was six months ago, unfortunate family problems playing a huge part, and I really wasn’t enjoying life.

One simple line resonated with me and changed my focus, or rather defined that focus.

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating a version of yourself that you are both comfortable and happy with.

My brain still aches as much, but I am totally re-engaged with my business. My vision for the future is clearer and my work is soaring somewhere near the height it should be flying at.

Andy Driver  |  Owner, ADD Creative




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