Find Your Work Life Balance

We all have points in our life or business where we feel off balance. The path rarely runs as smoothly as we’d like. Sometimes we get back on track quickly, but other times we can be completely off course. Maybe you need a business life coach to help you get your work life balance back on track.

It can be hard to keep focus if we don’t have something to work towards; having a purpose in life helps give meaning to it. The problems come when we lose track of what our purpose is or we never find it in the first place. We can find ourselves just moving through life with no real sense of what we actually want. Find your true values with the focus of a life coach and live your life in true alignment with core values and life’s purpose.

If you are losing balance in your professional or personal life you need to regain your sense of purpose. What did you set out to achieve? What is stopping you from achieving it? What is causing you to lose control?

The first thing you need to do is identify what you want:-

Start to really focus in on the areas of life that are most important to you

For Example :-

  • Family, partner (significant other)
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Work/life balance
  • Health
  • Travel

Once you have identified these areas then ask yourself out of 10 how happy you are with each of the area’s. This will help you to break down where you might need to focus and make some adjustments to increase the happiness factor.

You then need to set yourself some goals. Having something to work towards will give meaning to your life or business again.

You then need to work out what to do in order to get the things you want. It could be simple adjustments to your lifestyle or you may have to make huge changes.

What’s the ‘elephant in the room’?

Are there obstacles that will prevent you from reaching your objectives? Understanding these limitations will help you put steps in place to overcome them.

Are you holding yourself back? Do you procrastinate too often? Do you avoid making difficult decisions? Are you missing a vital skill? Do you fear failure or lack confidence?

When you recognise the behaviour that is holding you back you will find it easier to address the problem. This may mean retraining or learning a new skill. It may mean becoming more self-aware and identifying your negative behaviours.

What about the people you surround yourself with? Are they contributing to your unhappiness or making it hard for you to get what you want. There could be an employee who is disrupting your business. Maybe a partner is trying to pull in the opposite direction to you. Perhaps there is someone in your life who is particularly critical and is breaking your confidence down. It is important to try and limit the amount of negative people in your life.

Giving yourself something to aim for no matter how large or small will help you take control again. Once you achieve one goal set the next one. This way you will keep moving in life and business. Always having a goal doesn’t mean you aren’t happy with what you have it just gives you focus and purpose which will add to your happiness. Having a destination in mind doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the journey.

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