As a female entrepreneur are you expected to balance the responsibility of running the business with friends and family?

Attempting to do everything at once can be totally overwhelming and is a major contributor to feeling overworked and burnt out. This is when it’s time to take action and take a step back so you can concentrate on what’s really important. The most frequent challenges faced by my female entrepreneur clients are:

1. Letting Go

It can be hard for female executives and entrepreneurs to let something go and hand over the responsibility to others. It may feel easier this way because of the thought that only YOU can do it right. You don’t need to step into the unknown and close your eyes.  Focus on where and what you have influence over. Doing this will help to accept responsibility and take away blame and guilt.

  • Communicate Effectively – If you give clear instructions they will be carried out the way you envisage.
  • Measure Success – Always make sure there are measures in place so that the task can be reviewed
  • Relax – you have assigned the task effectively, put your faith in others, measure upon completion.

2. Trying To Do Everything At Once

It’s best to focus on a few of the most important tasks that must be done and here’s a few helpful hints to think about:-

  • Make lists – focus on a few of the most important tasks that must be done and pick priorities.
  • Avoid carrying out work that has been assigned to others, carrying out too many tasks at once often result in many things not being finished.
  • Take time for you, even it’s it’s just 10 minutes to breathe and clear your mind.

3. The Unexpected

Expect to be thrown off course when managing any business project. Changes and adjustments are inevitable. Some changes are imposed on us by the limitations of the field in which we are acting. Others are imposed by the conditions and nature of the work you may be carrying out as events unfold. Some result from flaws in plans and strategies, so be prepared to have some “give” in what you are doing. When things get thrown off course, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling overwhelmed and overworked leading to burnout.

  • Be Flexible – allow others to give opinions and bring new idea’s and strategies to the table
  • Be Open Minded to Change – even small changes at the last minute can throw us off course, always be open.  It’s up to you whether to accept the advice being given.
  • Listen carefully – the needs of others are primary to keeping focus and on course with any project.  Make sure you listen carefully and keep focused on the end goal but you may need to make small adjustments along the way.

What can you expect from coaching with Claire Buck?

  • You will be asked series of strong, thought provoking, inspiring questions to set achievable goals and establish clear focused purposeful steps.
  • You will be listened to in a totally quiet confidential space that is just for you.
  • You can expect to clear that noisy headspace that currently nags away at you causing worry and procrastination.
  • You can expect to overcome obstacles that are currently holding you back.
  • You will find new strategies and ways of thinking empowering you to unlock your true potential.
  • Discover your inner strength, empowering you to reach your goals & aspirations in a timely fashion.

As a small business owner and mum of two young children, I often find that I am torn between my family and home commitments and my drive to keep evolving my business and make it the best it can be. If those feelings resonate with whomever might be reading this, then Claire Buck’s services are for you. Claire has an ability to help you focus on your priorities and drive you forward to achieve your current objectives. She also helps you hammer out your concerns and issues that get in your way to being successful. Claire’s approach is such that she remains calm and non-judgemental and I would not hesitate to recommend Claire Buck and her entrepreneurial coaching techniques to anyone wishing to be the best version of themselves.”  Catherine Casey, Director, Rockwood Financial Solutions Ltd

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