When life throws you a curve ball an opportunity is created for us to choose between different options at a crossroads. Such Life Changes can be an inspiring experience where an individual can experience huge personal growth.

We must make choices at times when things are not working out as we had originally planned, yes, but also when we are presented with positive moments: do we continue on course or do we veer away into a new direction. When life throws such challenges our way, in our careers, such as the necessity to change career, a business failure , children leaving the nest, or the ending of a marriage, the crossroads we face can either inspire us to make a different choice or it can paralyze us with fear and trepidation.
The key is to manage these crossroad moments so that they result in deep and last positive change.

Here are 6 Top Tips to Weathering Life’s Crossroads and handling those curve balls :-

1. At a crossroads, don’t respond in the usual way: don’t settle for normality. When, out of habit, we respond to life’s changes with what is expected and even customary, if you do the same as you’ve always done you’re going to get what you’ve always got !.

2. Don’t resist the change when at a crossroads. When we attempt to force, control and manipulate the course of events we are responding out of fear. It is a common experience that some people are so fearful that they flatly refuse to effect change without comprehending that choosing not to make a decision or act in any way is itself a choice. We must come to understand that our habitual and learned ways of coping with uncertainty and stress should constantly be re-evaluated as we travel along life’s journey. Rather we must move with the changes, not against them.

3. When at a crossroads, tap into your inner guidance and energy . Deep within yourself, you know what you need to do and what is right for you. You know what you know, when to trust, and how to think when a crisis situation is thrown up at you. Dig down deep and trust your innate wisdom – it is always within you. Engaging with ourselves in this way we enable ourselves to adjust the course of our lives towards our own personal destiny. If you don’t engage with your inner guidance, you will experience a disconnect and will lose a sense of power and, indeed, freedom.

4. At a crossroads, when you dig deep and allow yourself to dare to dream. Make changes to what you would normally expect from the circumstances of your life and then create a plan or strategy that will enable you to cultivate the right conditions for your growth and success.

5. Apply boundaries and limitations on things that will distract you from progress. In doing so, you will be allowing yourself to strive to create balance in what, with a different attitude, appears to be utter chaos. Letting go of your own agenda, and that of others, and ridding yourself of distractions lets you hear your own thoughts. Sometimes, less is more, and doing less when presented with a crossroads will give you more time to be in the present. Being here and now is a state that deserves respect and is one in which you can ask yourself the question: “If there is one area of my life that needs more balance, which is it?

6. Remember,there is no such thing as failure. Failure is an opportunity for huge personal growth, it’s an opportunity to STOP, think and ‘start again’. A choice that results in ‘failure ‘ is often viewed harshly and even ridiculed and might have the potential to make us more fearful however failure just means more opportunities for success. It should be used to nurture within yourself greater courage and determination as a learning experience.

Are you facing a crossroads in life or business?
Do you feel that you are not currently reaching your full potential ?
Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be ?
Do you sometimes feel that you don’ t have skills, resources or confidence to achieve your goals?
Are you open to different ways of working , fresh ideas and new perspectives in life ?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions then coaching could be the perfect solution for you.
Claire Buck is a Life Coach for Business owners with 20 years’ experience building a multi-million pound business. Contact Claire

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