If you feel that you spend too much of your time battling to get what you want, then you could be wasting precious energy.

Of course there are times when we have to stand our ground and fight but we don’t have to get dragged into every single argument. A life filled with negativity is not productive.

Positivity, love and balance are more likely to help us achieve our objectives than using up our energy on pointless disagreements. Only engage in a fight if it is worth it and serves a purpose.

When you feel a conflict arising, or identify a situation that could result in an argument, decide if it is worth engaging. Don’t get pulled into silly conversations and petty squabbles. Ask yourself if getting involved will take you closer to your goal.

This applies to both business and life. We should avoid unnecessary disagreements whenever possible. Where disputes are unavoidable try and keep discussion positive and constructive.

Constant battles are draining and often end in neither party feeling that they have resolved the issue. If you are repeating the same argument over and over again then there may be deeper issues that need addressing.

If you are having the same disagreement with the same person, then perhaps it is time to accept that you will never see eye to eye on a subject. You need to come to a compromise or agree to disagree. If neither of you are prepared to back down then continually arguing will be a waste of both of your time and energy.

If you find yourself having several different battles with the same person then you need to decide if this person should be part of your life at all. Parting ways can be difficult but if you are struggling to agree on anything then this can be a very unhealthy relationship for both of you. If your values and opinions aren’t aligned, then you will be in constant conflict. This will drain your energy and create a miserable environment.

If you find yourself having the same argument with lots of different people then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your case. What is the reason that so many people disagree with you? Is there another way to achieve what you are trying to achieve? Could you amend your argument or come at it from a different angle? Is what you are trying to do even going to be worth it in the end or should you look at other options? Sometimes we just have to admit defeat.

It is important to know when to walk away, back down and live to fight another day. Any kind of conflict can be detrimental to our well-being if not handled appropriately. It is essential that we recognise our own behaviours and understand how we react to certain situations. Being able to handle disagreements constructively and positively will help you achieve your goal more easily.

If you struggle with conflict and confrontation, or find yourself in a constant battle, then get in touch. I can empower you to identify which fights are necessary and help you develop the skills to diffuse an argument and create more positive discussions. Don’t waste your precious time and energy fighting battles you can’t win, contact me today.