Ever have one of those days where you just don’t know where you’ll find the time to do everything that needs to be done? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Even the most organised among us can feel overwhelmed by our never ending list of tasks.

It’s when all your days feel like this that you need to ask for help. If you feel like you are constantly fighting an uphill battle then the stress could overwhelm you and impact on your health.

If you are consistently struggling to keep on top of your workload and feeling like you have no time for yourself, then you need to work smarter. Working under constant pressure can lead to stress and eventually you could reach breaking point. By working smarter and managing your tasks you can reduce stress and get that important balance back in your life.

Creating lists is one of the easiest ways to start organising your time. Our brains often feel stressed just by the act of trying to remember all the things we need to do. By writing them in a list you eliminate the need for your brain to keep track and so instantly reduce the stress. Ticking off tasks as they are completed gives a sense of satisfaction and achievement as well as being a motivator to keep going.

Having a work in progress list will help you keep track of where you are with each task and prioritise which tasks need doing first. What things have to be done today? What things need to be done this week? What things are on the horizon that you can start working on now?

Of course there will always be surprises and we can’t possibly plan for every eventuality. Working through tasks in an orderly fashion helps you avoid becoming completely overloaded. Get the important stuff done as quickly as you can and then if an unexpected task comes up you will have time to take care of it.

Work in progress lists don’t need to be limited to our work life. Having lists for our personal life can be just as beneficial. This is especially true if we have other people depending on us. Juggling household tasks, organising school runs and planning meals can be managed in just the same way as our business schedules.

Organising and planning time effectively will reduce stress. What do you need to do now and in coming days, weeks and months to achieve your goals? Decide which tasks need to be done and by when. Make your list today and get your work and life balance back on track.

If you would like help dealing with stress, managing your time or developing better planning and organisation skills, then I can help. I’m a business and lifestyle coach who can empower you to take control and achieve balance. Start running your life instead of letting it run you and contact me today.