Today I want to talk to you about being overwhelmed. This is something that comes up time and time again with many of my clients, so I thought it would be great to share some really helpful information.

I can hear you saying: “Well I’m already busy enough, I don’t have time to read this!

Are you so busy doing things that it’s hard to pull up out of it and look at the big picture?

When you sit down at your laptop there is so much that jumps out at you that it’s almost impossible, and feels like torture, to figure out what you need to be doing to produce results NOW.

Really think about the number of times you visit one particular job because it’s just not getting completed?

This is a mental bias that all of us have and it’s actually scientifically backed. Our brains will do almost anything to prevent us from committing too much energy or resource to one task.

In your case it’s not that you’re not doing enough, it’s that you’re doing too much and therefore there’s no time left over for the right activities which is actually where wealth is born.

I take a person-centred approach with every client where we get to grips and focus in on and identify the things you can do right now to take back control, that will makes everything else easier or unnecessary.

Step 1 – Do A Brain Dump

Take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything, and I mean everything, for example, arrange a meeting, deal with admin, fix the back door, tighten security, buy a birthday present, whatever is on your mind goes on the list.

Step 2 – Divide The List Into Groups Or Categories

For example, projects, admin, people, home, or divide it by deadlines, placed to go, people to see – 5 to 7 maximum.

Remember the simple rules: Does it have to be done? Does it have to be done by me?

Step 3 

Allocate chunks of time to work on these groups, keeping it simple and letting go of perfectionism. Work at the best time of the day that suits you.


Ask Yourself These Questions:

Am I willing to take responsibility for the part I’m playing in this overwhelm?

Looking at my Groups, where do I really want to focus first?

What boundaries do I need to set to get this done? Limit disruptions.

What simple practice could I put into my daily routine to start reducing overwhelm?

Lastly, but not least, make time to play?

Take these steps and see where you get. Hope it helps but if you want to have a dedicated hour with me, just to focus on this exact topic, then get in touch NOW