You’ve probably heard the saying; “Misery loves company”. Well, the bad news is that it’s true. People who are negative and unhappy in their own lives drag others down with them. The good news is that the opposite is true too. Being surrounded by happy, optimistic and successful people will have a positive effect on you.

The power of positivity

There is a saying that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. If those people are always moaning and complaining and feeling like the world isn’t fair then we will feel like that too. If those people are inspirational, motivating and passionate about life then we will be inspired, motivated and passionate.

Success breeds success. Being around successful people will make you want to be more successful and those people will lift your confidence. You’ll set higher standards for yourself, you’ll be inspired to aim higher and you’ll be motivated to achieve more.

Be someone others want to be around

If you want to attract positive people then you need to be positive. Be the person that people want to talk to, not the person they try to avoid. When you walk into a room, smile. If you smile others will smile back. Instead of moaning when things go wrong, try to focus on the positives. Don’t complain to everyone and anyone that will listen, you’ll just drag them down. Don’t get dragged into negative conversations. Try and change the subject or walk away. The more positive and happy you are, the more you’ll attract positive and happy people to you.

Dealing with negativity in the workplace

It can be difficult avoiding negativity in the workplace. There’s always that one person who will complain and gossip and generally drain your energy. Try and steer clear of people like that and make friends with colleagues who are positive, supportive and fun to be around.

If you find a colleague is constantly spreading negativity then it might be time somebody had a word. Perhaps they don’t realise that they are so negative. A lack of positivity may have become so normal for them that they don’t even notice it. Try and encourage them to look for ways they can improve things rather than just complaining about how terrible everything is. If you don’t feel comfortable addressing the issue then speak to a manager.

Dealing with negativity in your personal life

Surrounding yourself with positive people is a big step towards happiness. Unfortunately, we can’t always cut negative people from our lives completely.

It may be easy to see a negative acquaintance less frequently but when it comes to family members it can be a little harder. Do you have a family member who is constantly critical of you? Does your partner bring home negativity from work? Is one of your close friends always caught up in drama?

If you can’t cut this person from your life then you need to help them turn things around. Help them focus on the positive things in their lives rather than joining in their misery and supporting their negative behaviours. Suggest activities you know they will enjoy. Encourage them to laugh more by finding fun things to do. Keep them away from people that reinforce their negativity.

Seek out positive and successful people

Reduce the amount of negative, unhappy people in your life, become more positive yourself and seek out happy, inspiring people to be around. Who motivates you? Who inspires you? Is there someone at work that you view as successful? Do you know someone who always seems to be happy and having fun? Spend more time with these people.

If you want to be more successful at business, seek out other successful people who you can learn from. Visit local networking events, attend seminars and engage with other business owners. If you want more positivity in your personal life then socialise more. Join a club, get to know your neighbours, introduce yourself at any events you attend.

You may have to put yourself out of your comfort zone, to begin with, but as you surround yourself with more confident people, you’ll start to feel more confident too.

Need some help?

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