One of the biggest challenges that I find when working with my business clients is the ability to measure success and growth in a meaningful ongoing way.

You can bring your business into alignment by following my 8-step checkpoint process to stay consistently calm amongst the chaos by building your resilience and creating sustained growth with complete predictability.

  1. Your vision plays a critical role in the ability of your business to achieve success, and there is a balance that must be maintained so that the vision can be delivered successfully. Are you moving towards your Vision?
  2. Without a Vision your staff may be working hard and be well intended but they are directionless in their efforts (i.e. the ship has no rudder).
  3. Are your chosen strategies having the impact you predicted?  Interruptions in your business structure as a result of the economic climate could result in failure if you fail to make some mid-course corrections to assess whether your chosen strategies are having the impact predicted.
  4. Keeping your team aligned and on course is crucial to your success. Your core values won’t change but your vision may well need some adjustments.
  5. Taking stock and honestly looking at your vision and purpose drives the question: ‘Does this vision still compel others to action and serve as a focal point?
  6. Review and revise accountability and timelines to accurately reflect the work required to bring the business together and figure out how you can do better tomorrow.
  7. Review your strategy for success and decide whether the chosen strategies are still having the impact and outcomes you have set out. Have any new opportunities arisen that weren’t in the plan? What threats have arisen?
  8. Keep up to date with the Financials, stay on top of your Profit and Loss and key performance indicators that you use to measure success.

Adopting these steps and incorporating them as part of your ongoing assessment will bring your business into alignment and make sure you’re set up to for growth and success.

Remember to maintain a positive mindset and focus on the tasks at hand to create a successful business with complete predictability.

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